6,90 €

soup of lean boiled beef with semolina

Westphalia potato soup
6,90 €

with croutons and leek

Tomato soup
6,90 €

with whipped cream

Onion soup
8,50 €

with herbs and gratinated with cheese

Saffron and garlic soup
9,50 €

with salmon and prawns


Gratinated seafood
15,50 €

with garlic, herbs and warm baguette

Carpaccio of beef filet
16,50 €

and freshly marinated salmon with planed parmesan cheese and warm baguette

Green salads in Balsamico
15,90 €

with stewed mushrooms, garlic, shrimps and warm baguette

Raw minced salmon
13,90 €

on potato pancakes with salads


15,90 €

with fresh vegetables and planed parmesan

Freshly boiled vegetables
15,90 €

with mixed salads and buttered potatoes

Pork and turkey

“Wiener Schnitzel”
18,50 €

with french fries and mixed salads

Juicy steak of pork
19,50 €

with fried bacon and fried egg on roasted potatoes with mixed salads

Steak of pork “Gärtnerin”
19,50 €

with broccoli, courgette, tomatoes, gratinated with cheese, with french fries

Steak of turkey
20,50 €

with fresh mushrooms "a la creme", potato pancakes and salads in white balsamic vinegar

Filet of pork
23,50 €

on spinach leaves with savory sauce and potato tarte

Prime Grain - fed Beef

Sirloin Steak
27,50 €

with herb-flavoured butter, french fries and mixed salads

Sirloin Steak “Strindberg”
27,50 €

in a mustard-onion-crust with roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables

Sirloin Steak “Barolo”
28,50 €

with potato cakes, cherry tomatoes and a grilled wild mushroom

Sirloin Steak “Madagaskar”
28,50 €

in spicy sauce with gratinee potatoes and mixed vegetables

Tidbits and various salads

Small, piquant sirloin steak
24,90 €

on toast, with herb-flavoured butter and salads

14,90 €

seasonal salads with stripes of cheese, shallots, olives, Feta cheese and warm baguette

Mixed salads
16,90 €

with grilled turkey breast and warm baguette

Green salads in Balsamico
22,50 €

with fine grilled fish and warm baguette

Regional dishes

“Himmel und Erd”
19,50 €

roasted black pudding with stewed onions on home-made mashed potatoes, with sauerkraut

20,50 €

juicy filet of pork on a black beer sauce with home-made dumplings and savoy cabbage in sour cream

18,50 €

freshly baked juicy stocked sausage meat on roasted potatoes with fried egg and sauerkraut

22,90 €

smoked meats of pork, Leberkäs, roasted black pudding on home-made mashed potatoes with savoy cabbage in sour cream


Home-made red fruit jelly
7,50 €

with a variety of berries, served with ice-cream, vanilla sauce and whipped cream

Walnut ice-cream
6,90 €

with egg flip, chocolate sauce and whipped cream

“Amarena Cup”
7,50 €

vanilla ice-cream with amarena cherries and whipped cream


4,50 €

distilled from Carmelite - 2cl

3,50 €

home-made vermouthschnapps