Dear guests,

we hope to be able to open again in April.

For the regular disinfection of the tables, menus, door handles and sanitary facilities we take care of course. In addition to the newly installed air filtration system, we have also installed a new glasswasher, which will ensure hygienically clean glasses.

Well then, so luckily some normality comes back into our lives.
We are looking forward to a nice evening with you!

If possible, please call us for a reservation.

Your Renate Esser & Lothar Jansen,
and the team of the Hülsemann’s Schänke.

All our guest rooms are now equipped with the new and highly efficient AERA MAX air cleaning system.

It allows us to circulate and filter the air in the room 6 – 7 times per hour. Thereby 99.97% of all viruses and pollutants are filtered out of the room air.

By ionizing the air , the particles are compressed and thus an even better filter result is achieved.

It gives us the feeling to do the best possible for your and our health during this time.

Hülsemann's Schänke

Rest and pleasure, relaxing moments in our historic farmhouse. Experience and enjoy just what you want!
``Life is to short, to drink bad wine and to miss good food!``


Lothar Jansen, Renate Esser and their team, will surprise you with traditional cuisine, crossover reinterpreted.
We run our Restaurant like a small family….and our customers are a part of it!

We are looking forward to your visit!